Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara: Pontoon bridge over river Ganga near Mahulighat under Barhara block in Bhojpur district was closed on Friday following directive from Bihar State Bridge Construction Corporation (BSBCC) causing a lot of problems to the daily commuters. The boatmen are, however, happy with as their income has increased.

Pantone bridge was made over river Ganga at Mahulighat connecting Khwaspur and Barhara at a huge cost for the benefit of thousands of people ferrying across the river Ganga daily on boat risking their lives particularly during rainy season. Majority of such are daily wage earners and farmers who go to the other side of the river for earning or cultivating their field. But, boat mishaps are often take place during rainy season. Due to efforts of the former MLA of Barhara assembly constituency, Raghvendra Pratap Singh, a pontoon bridge was sanctioned and was made three years ago.

The officials of the BSBCC said flood is expected during rainy season and that could cause damage to the Pontoon bridge and so it has been closed for two or three months and after rainy season, it will be re-opened for the people.


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