Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara: Telemedicine facility in Bhojpur district flopped due to indifferent attitude of the officials of the health department. The state government had started telemedicine facility in Bhojpur district in 2013 through outsourcing agency Karnataka Electronic Corporation and Ketu Technology Solution and Ara Sadar Hospital and eight Primary Health Centres (PHCs) in Bhojpur district were attached to it  so that the patient could get medical aid online by paying a small amount.

The poor patients were  provided free medical advice from renowned doctors of the district. But this scheme was closed soon after it started and costly instruments were either stolen or disappeared from the hospitals. But, but the officials of the health department never bothered to look into the matter. Though the officials claimed that the schemes continued for about one year but the ground reality exposes their claim.

The matter came to light after a visit of a state level inquiry team recently. The state level inquiry team comprising Regional Programme Manager, Bhagalpur, and Regional Manager, Patna, visited Ara Sadar Hospital and  Udwantnagar, Bihia, Shahpur, Koelwar, Sandesh, Tarari, Piro and Barhara PHCs and found that the scheme had not started. When the team queried about the instruments, they were found nowhere and the amount sanctioned for the purpose was allegedly embezzled.

Bhojpur Civil Surgeon Dr S K Aman said that telemedicine scheme was at present closed in Bhojpur district and an inquiry team had visited the district to restart it.


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