Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : Bhojpur police have geared up to gather information about the old liquor mafias. IG, Special Branch, Patna, has handed over list of 50 old liquor mafias and 30 new liquor mafias to Bhojpur police. Police are keeping a close watch on the activities of these liquor mafias. Even after prohibition enforced in April this year, news of sell and purchase of liquor is pouring in and so a new strategy has been adopted to check it. IG, Special Branch,  has asked Bhojpur SP Kashtranil Singh to inquire into the activities of the liquor mafias.

On the direction of  IG, Special Branch,  Bhojpur SP Kshtranil Singh directed SHOs of 20 police stations; Ara Town, Nawada, Muffassil, Piro, Jagdishpur, Agiaw Bazaar, Krishnagarha, Chandi, Sandesh, Barahara, Koelwar, Shahpur, Sikarhatta, Sahar, Tier, Bihia, Ayar, Chauri, Udwantnagar, Imadpur police stations in Bhojpur district to inquire into the activities of the liquor mafias and handed them over the list of the liquor mafias. Almost all the listed liquor mafias belong to these police station areas. The SP also directed the SHO to take preventive measure and submit reports within a week. Besides, Bhojpur police also are preparing list of liquor mafias.

At least 300 cases under New Excise Act have been lodged so far in Bhojpur district from April 2016 to November 2016 and 250 persons have been made accused so far.

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