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New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday advised young IAS officers to remain sensitive to their circumstances and surroundings to be able to effectively connect with the people of India.

Addressing IAS Officers of  2014 batch at the inaugural session of Assistant Secretaries, the prime minister said that they had a great opportunity to enhance their skills and learning far beyond what they had imbibed during their training so far. He urged them to use the next three months to add value to their own skill-sets and also attempt to add value to the working of the departments they had been attached with. He particularly mentioned the use of technology in governance and asked the young officers to work towards technology upgradation in the working of the government.

The prime minister urged the officers not to be overawed by hierarchy and to be frank and fearless in their interaction with senior officers during the next three months of their attachment as Assistant Secretaries to the Union Government. He mentioned that this is a new feature of IAS training which started with the 2013 batch and it ensures that IAS officers have a stint at the Centre right at the beginning of their career, an opportunity that their seniors may not have had.

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