Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : The government move to plant more and more trees to make Bihar green to check pollution and maintain ecological balance notwithstanding, the project remains a pipedream in Bhojpur district due to dilly dallying attitude of the officials so far. One unit comprises 200 plant sidlings and a target of plantation of altogether of 1,30,000 sidlings was fixed in Bhojpur district this fiscal.

Bhojpur district administration had fixed to plant 650 hundred units of sidlings of different variety of trees under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) till August 31, 2017, but only 161 units have so far been planted. That apart, at least 200 units of plant sidlings have to be planted on either side of the road in every block but only 47 units have so far been planted. Fortone units of sidlings against 250 along the banks of canals and 71 units against 419 units under the supervision of general people have been planted so far.

All the 14 blocks in Bhojpur district were given target to plant sidlings of trees but none of them could achieve the goal. The situation is worst under Shahpur Block where not a single unit has been planted followed by Barhara Block where only one unit has been planted. Under Ara Block, only 23 units have been planted against the target of 59 units while under Piro only 22 units have been planted against a target of 65 units. Under Jagdishpur, 19 units of plant sidlings have been against a target of 62 units while under Koelwar only 19 units of plant sidlings have been planted against a target of 52 units. Under Garhani, 14 units of sidlings have been planted against a target of 26 units and under Sandesh 14 units against a target of of 32 units. Under Udwantnagar, 12 units have been lanted against a target of 47 units.

The mukhias of every panchayat were supposed to purchase plant sidlings from “Green Leaves”, an organization registered with the Government of Bihar, for plantation under MNREGA and also appoint four ‘Van Poshak’ in every panchayat to look after the trees. But the mukhias are hardly taking interest in it.  The mukhias, on the other hand, said that they were ready to plant more and more trees but who would take responsibility of protecting them from animals and the ‘Van Poshak’ appointed for their protection can,t keep vigil round the clock.

The Deputy Development Commissioner (DDC), Bhojpur,  said the district administration is alert on  plantation of trees under the MNREGA and added that he would look into the matter as to why the target was not achieved under different blocks.

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