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Patna: Declaring himself as the “true follower of Mahatma Gandhi”, Bihar CM Nitish  Kumar on Saturday took a tough stand against policemen who had threatened to go on strike from August 28 in protest against suspension of officers-in-charge of police stations found negligent in enforcing prohibition and warned them to “either enforce the law or quit police service”. Nitish also tried to silence RJD leader and former union minister Raghuwansh Prasad Singh by saying “I do not use objectionable(Apshabd) words  against anyone. I have been elected by people to govern.I am doing that only. I have no other addiction.”

Addressing the newly elected panchayat representatives of Kushwaha community at S K Memorial Hall here, Nitish took strong exception to Bihar Police Association, an organisation of ASIs, SIs and inspectors of police, who had submitted memorandum to the director general of police two days back opposing suspension of 11 police inspectors in different districts as liquor was being sold and manufactured illegally under their respective jurisdiction.

The association had declared no police officer would work as officer-in-charge of police stations now and collected applications from 250 officers incharge, who declined to work as officers incharge, and submitted them to police headquarters.

Nitish on Saturday said, “I have been given mandate to rule,to govern. Total prohibition is on. I am implementing the wishes of Mahatama Gandhi. I am a true follower of Gandhiji. Total prohibition is tribute to him. If police officers are expressing their opposition to prohibition and are unwilling to work in the police stations, they better resign(Naukri chhod do)”. Nitish said he is bothered about the threats of the policemen. The state government has rewarded the police officers publicly who have successfully  enforced prohibition in their areas.

Nitish was visibly upset over the remarks of the RJD vice-president and former union minister Raghuwansh Prasad Singh who too supported the policemen and said their suspension over failure to enforce tgtal prohibition was unjustified.Nitish said no relaxation will be given to the policemen in implementing the law.Discipline is for all,if some police officers feel shy of working as officers-in-charge,they should resign from their service immediately.

Senior RJD leader Singh had used some objectionable words against Nitish two days back. Nitish responded by saying ” I do not use objectionable words against anyone. If some one finds the law defective, he should give suggestions to improve the law and not hurl abuses only.”

The chief minister told the panchayat representatives he has received some suggestions which include blood sample test before arresting any accused for violation of the prohibition law. Fresh guidelines would be issued to the excise and police officers in this respect, he said. As of now, anyone found with liquor bottle is arrested and sent to jail for minimum 15 days. He reiterated  his warning that any policemen found wanting in implementation of total prohibition will not get a posting in police station for ten years.

Former chief minister Jagannath Mishra on Friday, in a communication to Governor Ram Nath Kovind, has urged him not to Excise give his assent to the Bill passed by state legislature during monsoon session last week as it violated human rights of the people. He has opposed community fine for violation of the law and also provision for arrest of entire adult members of a family for recovery of liquor in a house.

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