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Patna: The gathering at Tent City at Gandhi Mandan was mesmerized to see the stunts of Nihangs, who had come to Patna during Prakashotasav, along with their horses on January 6. One person riding three horses remained the centre  of attraction for the entire gathering. Though Prakashotasav functions concluded on January 5, this function  was slated for Friday.

The entry of two elephants followed by 200 Nihangs on horses in Gandhi Maidan was worth watching. Sitting on the dais were Bihar CM Nitish Kumar and deputy CM Tejasvi Prasad Yadav. The members of Vidhichandra Sampraday Akhara started the show. Sitting on high speed horses with spears in their hands, as the members entered the temporary stadium, the entire atmosphere rent with ` Bole so nihal, sat sri akal.’ The horsemen performed risky stunts and were targeting bundles of hay stacks kept on the ground with their spears at high speed.

Members of print and electronic media were also present to cover the event. Suddenly a horse man entered the stadium. However, his horse changed his course and before anybody could react to the situation, the horse dashed against a cameraman of an electronic channel. The camera man fell on the ground and his camera was thrown away.

Everybody in the temporary stadium was shocked. Nihangs present in the ground ran towards the camera man. The CM 0directed the senior officials present there to arrange for treatment of the injured mediaperson. The injured cameraman was given proper treatment and soon gained consciousness.

This was not the lone incident there. A horse rider along with his horse fell on the ground as he lost control. Though he did not suffer any injury, the horse was injured in the mishap. A man  riding on two horses lost his balance and fell on the ground suffering minor injury. His horses kept running even after he fell down. The stunt continued for two hours and the show concluded after that.

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