Dr K K Kaushik

Muzaffarpur: Police on October 26 submitted an inquiry report including the suicide note before a Muzaffarpur court in Junior Engineer Sarita death case. According to the suicide note, her neighbour Vijay Gupta was allegedly exploiting her both sexually and financially.

” Vijay is Bhedia (Fox). Ruined both Dharma ( sanctity) and Dhan ( money). Difficult to live now,” Sarita allegedly said in suicide note. Apart from Vijay, around a dozen other people associated with Manrega had also taken money from her, she said in her suicide note adding her husband had deserted her due to Vijay Gupta leaving the children in lurch.

DSP Ashish Anand said that apart from the suicide angle, police were investigating the  Sarita death case from other angles as well. Police have spoken to her husband and children. The DSP admitted the case smells involvement of several people.


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