Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara: The flood has aggravated the woes of people waiting in queue for cremating their deceased kin as the crematorium called “Mukti Dham” is completely submerged in the flood water of river Ganga. The Mukti Dham is the only place at Ara where last rites are perform.

The people are facing a lot of problem in performing last rite since Friday as they have to wait for their turn for hours as the area where the last rites are performed usually is completely waterlogged and the last rites of the deceased are being performed on the upland nearby. But, even this became impossible since Saturday evening as the flood water submerged the entire area. The situation was no different on Monday though the water level of the river receded slightly.

When this reporter visited the Mukti Dham on Monday morning, dozens of people from Udwantnagar had come with a body for last rites but they had to return as the area was completely marooned and there was no place for cremation. The flood water has entered the Kali Temple at Mukti Dham. Even the wood for last rites kept there is soaked in flood water. The flood water has also entered the adjoining houses and the people have started shifting to safer places with their belongings. Similar situation prevails at Sinha Ghat under Barahara block in Bhojpur district which too is completely submerged and people of the area are forced to perform last rites of their loved one on upland.

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