Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : A newborn child was found abandoned in a paddy field at village Kahathu under Jagdishpur police station in Bhojpur district on September 13, 2018, morning. Baudhi Devi, wife of Ram Ishwar Musahar, overwhelmed with affection, requested the villagers to give the child to her. Mukhia, Western Ayar panchayt, Raju Singh, with the consent of the villagers handed over the child to the woman.

Someone had abandoned the newborn child in a paddy field at village Kahathu on September 13 leaving her Thursday crying. In the morning, the villagers heard the cry of a child. They went to the paddy field and saw a newborn lying there unattended.

Mukhia, Raju Singh, said that he took the child along with Baudhi Dev for the medical check-up of the child to the Sub-Divisional and Referral Hospital but doctors were not present anywhere. He assured all possible help to the woman in bringing up the child and her treatment.

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