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Ara : Mosquitoes and garbage dumps continue to pose a major challenge to Ara Municipal (AMC). The AMC, however, claims that it is clearing garbage even in slums, spraying insecticides and undertaking fogging on a massive  scale. But, majority of the complaints pertain to the mosquitoes menace.

A choked drain and swarms of mosquitoes are causing concern to the residents of Hari Ji Ka Hata, Professor Colony, Old Policeline, Maula Bagh, Tari Mohalla, Bind Toli, Mahadeva Road, Mahajan Toli No 1, Babu Bazaar, Maharaja Hata, Tilak Nagar, Chandawa and other areas in Bhojpur district

Mosquitoes have found new places to hide and breed. Generally found in uncovered water storage barrels, flower pot plates and terrace areas, the AMC found the larvae of the aedes agypti mosquitoes at some of the most uncommon places like elevator ducts, lotus ponds, defrost trays in refrigerators, money plants and parking lots. The civic body spotted all this during routine inspection but they the officials of the AMC remain tightlipped about it.

The mosquito menace is attributed to stagnant water accumulated in potholes of roads, overflowing drains, water coolers etc. All these spots have proved to be a perfect breeding ground for mosquito larva. Neha Kumari, a resident of Station road area, said that the mosquitoes have developed some immunity to the present repellents.

A number of cases of vector borne disease are being reported from various government and private medical centres. And this is worrying the health officials. On September 1, 2018, a 28 year old woman tested positive to Dengue and was admitted to a private hospital. Six patients with high fever tested positive to Malaria while three patients suffering from Malarial Meningitis are undergoing treatment at the different private clinics.

Mayor, AMC, Priyam Devi and the Municipal Commissioner, AMC, Pramod Kumar, said they were alert towards monsoon maladies and said that the civic body has taken anti-mosquito drive in an organised manner. They said that drains are being de-silted and flushed with saline and bleaching powder adding that anti-mosquito chemical is being sprayed in the town through fogging machine at regular interval.

Hare Ram Singh of Sheoganj and Pooja Kumari of New Policeline said the ground realities expose the tall claims of the AMC and said that mosquito menace has not been curbed so far. Heap of garbage is lying on almost all the roads. The drain water  also flows on the roads.

Dr T P Singh said that people have become vulnerable to water borne diseases due to water contamination, mosquitoes, filth and garbage and advised the people to avoid roadside eateries and use boiled water.

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