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Motihari  :  The Sudha  milk  chilling  centre  of Tirhut  milk union limited  (TIMUL) at Motihari  will start filling up   milk pouches from July to sale them through 310  sale centres  in East Champaran district  on Indo-Nepal border. At present, Sudha milk  pouch reach East Champaran from  main depot  of Muzaffarpur Sudha dairy  through truck-containers. East Champaran  district is big supplier of milk  to  TIMUL. Arun Kumar Chaudhary, Manager, Sudha  depot, Muzaffarpur, said that  TIMUL  has provided a modern machine for filling up the  milk pouches  at Motihari chilling centre  for this purpose. According to  report, 27,000 litres of milk  is being supplied from Mmuzaffarpur depot  to East Champaran  daily with other milk products.

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