Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Buxar : Gokul reservoir at Brahmpur in Buxar district is reverberating with the chirping of migratory birds these days but hunters have become active and they are being killed easily. The Gokul reservoir sterts from Nainijor and extends to Chakki in Buxar district covering an area of 25 km and every year in the winter season Siberian Cranes  come here in thousands and their breeding period starts here. Besides, Black Deer, Flamingos also take shelter here. Hundreds of people throng the reservoir daily to have a glimpse of them. But indiscriminate hunting of  these Siberian Cranes, Flamingos and Deer is going on with impunity right under the nose of the officials concerned.

Social workers Santosh Singh, Harendra Singh and others said that these migratory birds and Black Deer are hunted as meat of these birds and venison are sold in the market at high rate.  And that is the reason, the hunters become active during winter season in this area when these migratory birds flock here. They said that the district administration never takes stern action against these hunters on the pretext that the matter concerns the Environment  and forest department and added that the hunters oblige the police personnel by offering meat of migratory birds and venison to them. They said that if this illegal hunting is not checked, the migratory birds may avoid coming to Gokur reservoir.

Block Development Officer, Brahmpur block in Buxar district, Bhagwan Jha said he was not aware of hunting of migratory birds and black deer in the area and added that he would talk to the police officials and the officials of the Forest Department to check it.

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