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Giridih: Distressed over ongoing anti – Maoists operations across the Parasnath terrains and Jharkhand – Bihar borders, which have literally weakened the base of the ultras across the region, the CPI (Maoists) have launched a fresh induction drive. This time the Maoists’ top-brasses are focusing on recruiting women cadres and children between 16 – 19 years especially those belonging to the vulnerable sections of the society.

“Ongoing anti – Maoists operations including ‘Operation Hill Vijay’ in Parasnath hills and neighboring forest areas, have caused a mass desertion of cadres in Maoists organizations in recent times. As such, to maintain their strength, the top Maoists leaders are looking for new comers across the region,” said Giridih SP Akhilesh B Variar.

“Majorities of villagers especially literate people have now understood the baseless ideologies and levy – centric activities of the ultras. Hence, a large section of them, who were once considered as the Maoists sympathizers and had emerged as the backbone of the ultras across the region, are now trying to escape from their trap and gradually entering into the mainstream of the society,” Variar said adding that at this stage they are now recruiting poor people, juveniles and women living across the foothills so that they could be diverted easily.“Recent recoveries of the large quantities of ladies clothes and women related articles from Maoists hideouts clearly show the good presence of women cadres in their wing”, Variar said.

According to the security forces, “The death of the top Maoists leader Chirag Da, recent arrest of the woman Maoist commander Chandramuni Hasda and such other incidents apart from ongoing anti – Maoists operations followed by a series of encounters in Parasnath and suburban areas over the past couple of months, have led mass level desertion of Maoists cadres. But due to presence of security personnel in the terrain areas, they are not able to make routine recruitment of cadres and instead preferring occasional recruitments.

“We have information regarding sporadic recruitment of the rural women and children by the Maoists across the region. Those living across the Parasnath foothills and inaccessible areas are the main target of the ultras. According to the information, as they are vehemently opposed by the local youths, they are concentrating on  the women and children,” said ASP (Operations) Kunal, adding that many such incidents have been witnessed in the areas close to the bordering regions Giridih – Dhanbad and Giridih – Bokaro.

“Beside, we have many evidence that the ultras basically allure them with money or other benefits and lure  them to their camps. Later, they impart them training to exploit the innocent villagers,” the ASP said.

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