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Bagaha: While several districts in Bihar are reeling under flood, the Bagaha sub-division in West Champaran district  except the canal irrigated area north of Done canal, Bagaha-1, Ramnagar.and other blocks located south of river Gandak like Piparasi, Madhubani, Bhitaha and Thakaraha are facing drought like situation due to no rain for last one fortnight.The paddy crop transplanted in these areas are dying for want of rain.

Dolabazawa, Chiutaha, Hastanapur Bherihari, Gulariha, Hathuyanawa, Gohatitola, Baraharawa,Bairia, Bhelahi, Deoria and Mahadewa areas have gone dry and paddy crops have started withering away.  Although Tharuhat and Dhangraon region are endowed with rich water resources, the government has done little to tap the potential of the  rivers like Bhapsa,Haraha, Kosil, Sonaha, Jhikeri, Alagarna which originate from Dun and Someshwar hills. The Masan reservoir project had begun to irrigate 21,650 hectares parched land in West Champaran in 1984, but the project was abandoned because of objections raised by the ministry of Environment and Forest, claims president of Tharus welfare federation, West Champaran Deep Narain Prasad. The farmers said if the dry spell continues for a few week another failure of crops would break their back.

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