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Muzaffarpur : Moti Paswan, who was arrested recently from Adapur on Indo-Nepal border in East Champaran district in connection with derailment of a Indore – Patna Express near Kanpur in November 2016 in which 150 passengers had died besides making an abortive bid to blow up track in Ghorasahan in East Champaran, has revealed details of SIMI’s alleged link with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI before police during his interrogation.

Moti informed police officials that the plan to derail several long distance trains and SIMI had pressed into job 30 of its operators following ISI directive. He admitted that he was involved in derailment at Kanpur on November  20 in  collaboration with Braj Kishore Giri, who too was recently arrested in Nepal, and others. NIA has reportedly  requested the union Home ministry to hand over the Kanpur and East Champaran cases to it.

Moti said that the ISI had planned the train derailment at Kanpur. Dubai based ISI agent  Shamsul Hoda had entrusted the task to his agents at Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Motihari and Nepal, Moti claimed adding that Sagir Ansari of Gorakhpur was also involved in derailment at Kanpur. Sagir had made available bombs to Moti and others at Gorakhpur, Moti told officials during his interrogation adding he, Rakesh and Gajendra basically carried explosives while bombs on railway track near Kanpur was planted by Braj Kishore, Sagir and three persons from Nepal.

Moti told cops that 15 day after the failure of Ghorasahan attempt, Braj Kishore asked them to come over to Kanpur. The bombs were planted on track around 70 km ahead of Kanpur, Moti revealed adding Hoda operated through sleeper cell with active participation from Braj Kishore. Moti, Mukesh Kumar and Uma Shankar Patel were taken on police remand for six days for interrogation and were sent back to jail on January 23. Tohey were taken to Ghorasahan on January 22.


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