Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : Hanging overhead wires are causing concern to the people in Bhojpur district. Wires hanging in several localities of Ara town, some close to the schools, have failed to draw the attention of the authorities concerned.

The apathetic attitude of South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (SBPDCL) is evident from the fact that 33K live wires run over a number of houses on Godana road beside the power sub-station. With the passage of time, the height of roads were raised but the elective wires still hang merely 10 feet high. Residents of the area as well as of several villages, often protest it and every time, the authorities concerned assured to change the rusted wires and raise the height of the live wires but to no avail so far. About 18 km long electric wire was supplied to the SBPDCL but the same was allegedly sold to the contractors. Whenever the wires of an area snap, inferior quality wire is supplied that snaps again after some days. The Government had ordered to replace the snapped wires with new ones but this has not happened.

Executive Engineer, SBPDCL, Sanjay Kumar Borio said he had raised the issue several times at the meetings with the high officials of the department but nothing concrete has so far been done. He lamented shortage of manpower. Whenever live electric snaps in an area, power supply to that area is immediately stopped.

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