Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara: Over two dozen girl students of Rajkiya Ambedkar Balika Awasiya Uchch Vidyalay (RABAUV)  fell ill and were admitted to Ara Sadar Hospital around midnight on Thursday.

The students from Class 1 to Class VIII of RABAUV, Ara,  were on hunger strike for the last two days in protest against non- availability of basic amenities, safe drinking water, copy and irregular teaching. Around midnight on Thursday, over two dozen of them complained of dizziness and vomiting tendency and fell unconscious. The senior students of the school rushed them to Ara Sadar Hospital. Dr Kumar Jitendra, who is ,treating them at Ara Sadar Hospital, said that the condition of the students is better.

Kashish and Shobha Kumari, students of the school said at Ara Sadar Hospital on Friday that they were destined to live in hellish condition at the school hostel and alleged  they were not being supplied pure drinking water, worms enter  the bathroom and teachers seldom engage classes. Both the girls also claimed  that they had to purchase medicines and even saline from outside and the hospital did not provide them with any medicines.

District Welfare Officer, Arum Kumar Sharma, refuted all charges and said that the shortcomings in the hostel and school will be removed soon. He said teachers are taking classes regularly and sweeper cleans the hostel and school campus daily. The students of the school frequently resort to agitation for the same reason and every time the DSO denies there charges. When this correspondent visited the school, he found that the teachers force the students to clean the classrooms.


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