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New Delhi : Former President Pranab Mukherjee has shared a letter from PM Narendra Modi, received on his last day in office as President of India. Mukherjee said that the letter from the Prime Minister touched his heart.

In his letter sent to former President Mukherjee on July 24, 2017, PM Modi, according to a PIB release, said, ” Dear Pranav Da, as you begin a new phase of your distinguished journey, I cannot but express myprofound sense of admiration and gratitude for your immense contribution to the nation, particularly as President of India over the last five yaers. You have inspired us with your simplicity, high principles and exemplary leadership. Three years ago, I came to New Delhi as an outsider. The task before me was huge and challenging. In these times, you have always been a father figure and a mentor to me. Your wisdom, guidance and personal warmth have given me greater confidence and strength.”

The PM, in his letter, also said, ” You have been so warm, affectionate and caring to me. Your one phone call asking me ‘ I hope you are taking care of your health’ was enough to fill me with fresh energy after a long at meetings or on a campaign tour. Pranav Da, our political journey took shape in different political parties. Our ideaologies, at times, have been different. My administrative experience was from my state, whereas you have seen the expanse of our national polity and policies for decades. Yet, such is the strength of your intellect and wisdom that we were able to work together with synergy. Rashtrapati Ji it has been an honour to work with you, as your Prime Minister.”

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