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Patna : A new political front, Srikrishna Sinha Rajnitik Front,  headed by the former president of Bihar Pradesh Congress Committee Ram Jatan Sinha,  on Sunday called for unity of the upper castes and Muslims saying hey have been denied power for the last 25 years in Bihar.

The front, in a resolution passed at its conference held on Sunday, said with 11 %  Yadav votes and 2 %  Kumri votes, Lalu Prasad and Nitish Kumar had been ruling Bihar since 1990. But,the upper castes with 28 % and Muslim with 18 % votes have been denied power sharing though they combined together enjoy majority. The resolution said in the last 25 years, the members of the upper castes and Muslims have been denied their due in politics and administration and cut off from the process of development. It appealed to the members of the two communities to get united  and fight together the 2020 assembly elections.

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