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Banka :Excise department officials seized several bottles of foreign and countrymade  liquors from a running train and also arrested three persons including two village women and a youth for carrying   liquor bottles. Eightyeight bottles of foreign liquor were recovered by excise department on Saturday evening from Patna bound Intercity Express which originates from Sahebganj in Jharkhand. The arrested persons were identified as Bacchu Khan of Bhagalpur, Ponam and Phuluki, both village woman also from Bhagalpur. 

On the other hand, 11 bottles of foreign liquor along with 216 plastic sack of country liquor were also seized from Jamalpur bound passenger train on Saturday afternoon. The Jamalpur bound train also originates from Sahebganj in Jharkhand.

Excise Department sources said that Sahebganj and Godda in Jharkhand have become safe places for storing and transporting alcohol to the districts in Bihar prohibition was enforced in the state in April this year. Sources said that there are strict provisions of penal action on being caught for selling, carrying or consuming alcohol in the state. The provisions consist of jail and sentence up to ten-years and even life imprisonment along with fine of Rs one lakh up ten lakhs, said sources. The arrested include Bacchu Khan of Bhagalpur, Ponam and Phuluki, both village woman and also from Bhagalpur.                             Excise department official at Bhagalpur V S Dubey said,” We have intensified our drive against alcoholic drinks. It appears that trains are being used by carriers for transporting banned alcoholic drinks for distribution in the state.”  


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