Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Bhabhau : Kaimur police in South Bihar on November 18, 2021, late night, seized Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) loaded in a truck allegedly packed in online company Amazon cartons with a tape of Flipcart near Mohania Check Post. Police seized the truck and a car and also arrested four persons including the driver of the truck.

DSP, Mohania,  Faiz Ahamad, said tha Kaimur police and Excise & Prohibition  Department had launched an intensive vehicle checking drive on November 18, 2021,  late night, at integrated Check Post at Mohania in Kaimur District in South Bihar with a view to checking liquor smuggling and also to arrest liquor smugglers. They intercepted a truck at the check-post and when it was checked, police found 263 cartons of online company Amazon with a tape of Flipcart company on them.

Police broke the seal on cartons and found IMFL packed inside. Police arrested the truck driver  and seized the truck 2,367 liter of IMFL packed in 263 cartons. Police seized a mobile phone  and Rs 2,900  cash from the truck driver. He was to inform a liquor smuggler after entering Bihar from Ghaziabad border and he had to take the truck to his den.

Police also seized a car and 162 cartons of IMF and arrested three liquor smugglers.