Saroj Jha

Darbhanga:  Striking junior doctors (JDs) of Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital (DMCH) on Friday called off their four day strike and with it the paralyzed  medicare services have started getting normal. These JDs were on strike due to misbehaviour with their two counterparts at Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH) by the attendants of a patient.

The end of strike followed negotiation of junior doctors with principal of DMCH Dr R K Sinha.  A letter issued  on Friday by the principal secretary, health department, R K Mahajan to all the DMs and  SPs of the state containing directive for implementation of  the provisions of Medical Protection Act 2011, facilitated the end of strike at DMCH, as copy of the letter was also been forwarded to the principals of medical colleges.

DMCH  principal Dr Sinha said that use of violence against the doctors as well as damaging the property of medicare  centres  would  invite an imprisonment of three years and a fine of Rs.50,000.  The health department letter directs the DMs and SPs for lodging FIR against the unruly attendants or rowdy elements accompanying the patient coming to the hospital for treatment. During discussion with the striking doctors, an opinion emerged that the government should restrict the number of attendants to only two  for one patient. This would eliminate the incidents of  of violence against the doctors and para medical staff.

It may be mentioned here that the wards at DMCH wore a deserted look during four day strike as patients were either released or left the hospital on their own. Touts also played their role by asking the patients to shift  to some particular clinics of their(touts’) choice located at local Benta chowk. The total number of deaths in the hospital during strike period stood at eight, which the administration described as normal death figure.

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