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Bagaha : A large number of devotees thronged different temples of Lord Shiva  across Bagaha police district on February 14, 2018, morning, to celebrate Maha- shivaratri with traditional enthusiasm.
The devotees majority of them girls were seen standing in long queues outside Lord Shiva temples including Jatashank, Kawaleshwar (Valmikinagar), Narbdeshwar Mahadev temple (Ramnagar), Pakki Bawali(Bagaha), Shivalay (Pathakauli) and Kutchery ground to perform puja.Many of them had observed fast on the occasion and performed Shiva Arti at temples. Puja materials including milk, honey, Belpatra, flowers, fruits and coconut  registered a huge sale on February 14.
A grand mela was also organised at Harnatand called capital of Tharuhat. More than 500 children participated in a roadshow of the taleau of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati organised by Tharu Welfare Federation. President of Tharu
Welfare Federation Deepnarain Prasad said that Shivratri fair was being organised there for decades.
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