Aditya Vaibhav

New Delhi: In a move apparently aimed at reclaiming  its lost good-name in the wake of recent molestation scandal, Parul University, Vadodara, Gujarat,  has effected change of guard as Devanshu Patel, the Vice President of the university, on Friday took over the responsibility of the president’s office.

The previous President Jayesh Patel has resigned amid allegations of molestation by one of the university students. Devanshu Patel stated, “It is in the best interest of the institute that the change of guard is enforced to convince all stakeholders (teachers, faculty, management, students and parents) that Parul University will continue the tradition of delivering education and knowledge in the spirit of innovation, transparency, integrity and within the ethical framework as defined by its founding fathers. Jayesh Patel has stepped down to co-operate with the authorities and effectively crush all allegations against him.”

With over 28 educational institutions, Parul University has been enlightening young lives for the last 25 years. The university has 27,000 students on its campus, which includes 16,000 male students and 11,000 female students. Parul University has over 2,500 teachers and employees which includes more than 1,500 female teachers and employees. There are more than 2,000 female students that are residing in the hostel. Apart from the Indian students, the university is also successfully touching the lives of more than 500 male and female foreign students that are
residing on the campus.
The management wishes to assure that it will continue to operate the university in a transparent and fair manner and  reinforce the fact that it has zero tolerance to any misconduct on its campuses from anyone.

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