B N Singh Papan

Saharsa: The doctors at Saharsa are shocked as the criminals for the second time demanded an extortion amount of Rs 25 lakh from one of their colleagues Dr Brajesh Kumar Singh on August 10 through an SMS.

Dr Singh received an SMS on his mobile. The SMS says ” Kan Mein Bullet Jayega to sub sunai dega. Pure 25 lakh ready ker message karo. Is bar SP, CM, koi nahin bacha payega tumhe.” Some criminals had fired at Dr Brajesh’s car at Saharsa on July 26, 2016. Criminals  had earlier demanded Rs 1 crore from Dr I D Singh, Rs 10 lakh from Dr Lallan Kumar, Rs 5 lakh from Dr Siddharth and Rs 10 lakh from owner of Kosi Pathology. Thy had even tried to kidnap Dr Ganesh Yadav.



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