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Bokaro ( Jharkhand) : Mukhiya of Bodia Dakshini (south) Panchayat  of Bermo, about 40 km away from Bokaro Steel City, Ghanshyam Prasad on February 20 deleted the name  of a 42 year old villager Murari Prasad from list of beneficiaries of free delivery of LPG gas connection under  Ujjawala Yojna  after he was found defecating in open for the third time during last eight days. Probably this is  the first case in Jharkhand when a person has lost his free LPG connection for  defecating in open despite repeated warning.

Mukhiya Ghanshyam Prasad, along with  panchayat members, had caught Murari defecating in open on January  29, Februay 2  and again on February 20, 2017. Soon after this  decision  was taken, daily labourer  Murari Prasad fell on the feet of the Mukhiya urging him to forgive him this time after which Ghanshyam Prasad told him to first submit  an affidavit of his crime and pledging not to repeat it in future after which  he will recommend back his name to Bermo BDO Akhilesh Kumar with a copy to Bokaro deputy commissioner ( DC) R M Ray to be added to the Ujjawala Yojna list.

In last week   of December ,  2016, Bokaro DC R M Ray had  convened  a meeting of  Bermo sub- division Mukhiyas where he asked them to check this social evil which was giving bad name to panchayat adding that as village chiefs are elected representatives they have power to even penalize villagers if his action is bringing bad name to panchayat.

” After the meeting several Mukhiyas decided to take steps to check open defecation. I started  asking villagers going for open defecation to stop this evil. First I opted for Gandhigiri offering garland to rule flouters followed by warning and now I have taken this action, “ Mukhia Ghanshyam Prasad adding the villagers are  supporting this mission.

Talking to media persons, Bokaro DC Ray said that at his meeting with village chiefs he had advised them to  exercise their power to check this social evil. Going all out for ‘Swachh Bharat mission’ to stop open defecation,  Bokaro DC  had openly declared  that names of persons found going for open defecation will be struck down from ration cards followed by removal of their names from the list beneficiaries of free cooking  gas connection and even their  electricity connection will be disrupted.

“But even after that  if people are found defecating in open, case under 133 of CRPC will be lodged against them and they would have to spend six months in jail. I am hopeful of making Bokaro ODF  very soon,” the DC said. Five  Panchayats  of  Bermo block have become ODF.


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