Dr K K Kaushik

Muzaffarpur : Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority (BIADA), Muzaffarpur, has cancelled the lease of 25 acre residential plot given to  Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited (IDPL) at Bela Industrial Area. Executive Director, BIADA, Bhogendra Lal said that a decision to this effect was taken at BIADA board meeting Union Chemical and Fertiliser ministry has been informed accordingly.

BIADA said the plot was lying vacant for the last ten years. Of the 65 acre land, lease of only 25 acre land has been cancelled, it said. Of the five units of IDPL, one is located at Muzaffarpur. IDPL Manager Vidyasagar Sharma said that the revival package of all the five units was ready and under consideration of the centre yet BIADA had cancelled the lease of 25 acre plot which was  wrong. BIADA, on the other hand, claimed that IDPL had not paid the lease  amount since 1980.

IDPL was established in 1976 and started production in 1980 and till 1993 the Muzaffarpur unit produced Erithromycin and till 1996 produced a component of Vitamin B complex. In December 1996, however, the  unit closed for want of fund but resumed production in 2009 which continued till November 2010 and then closed. BIADA had given land to IDPL on 99 year lease.





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