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Patna:Bihar Human Rights Commission (BHRC) on Friday directed the state government to pay a compensation of Rs 2.5 lakh within two months to Ashiya Begum, wife of Sanovar Ansari, 25,  of village Dahrath under Ramgarh police  station in Kaimur district, who died due on June 10 night, 2013, at PMCH due to non-administration of life saving drug for Haemophilia `Factor VIII’ . The BHRC, in its order, said it is clear that Sanovar Ansari died due to non- administration of the life saving drug `Factor VIII ‘despite its availability in the hospital stock.

The BHRC has also  asked the Director-in-Chief (Disease control), Health Services, Bihar, to inform it about administrative action taken agaist the doctor/para medical staff responsible for inaction, according BHRC member Neelmani.

Manovar Ansari of village Dahrath had complained to   the Commission that he admitted  his younger brother  Sanovar Ansari, who suffering from internal  bleeding in head due to  Haemophilia to medical  emergency  ward of   PMCH on the night of  June 8/9, 2013. His CT Scan was done on June 9, 2013 but no medicine was  given to him. The next day, the Doctor prescribed  him ” Factor  VIII” –10 vials, a life saving  drug for Haemophilia, but the same was not given to him  nor any doctor visited him  with the result he died in the night of June 10/11, 2013, leaving  behind his wife  and four children.

The BHRC had asked for responses from the Director-in –Chief, Health Services, Bihar and examined  Deputy Superintendent, PMCH, and  Director –in-Chief, during proceedings. Relevant records obtained from PMCH were sent to the Director-in-Chief for his opinion on the issue.

Dr K P Sinha, Director-in–Chief (disease control), Health Services, Bihar, submitted  his report informing that  the life saving drug “Factor VIIIwas available in the surgical store on  June 10/11, 2013. Sanovar Ansari was admitted to the emergency  ward of Dr US Singh. The doctor directed for administration of  10 vials of  the above life saving drug on June 10, 2013, but the  drug was not administered  to him. The patient died in the night of June 10, 2013, due to the negligence, according to BHRC member Neelmani.

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