Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara  : Bhojpur Lok Sanskriti Mahotsav-2017 will be organized at Veer Kuer Singh Stadium, Ara, by  Bhojpuri Research and Development Trust from April 2 to April 9, 2017. Bhojpuri litterateurs and artists from different parts of the world will attend the Mahotsava  being organized to promote Bhojpuri language and culture.

O P Pandey, coordinator, Bhojpur Lok Sanskriti Mahotsav, said the programme is being organized to highlight the richness of Bhojpuri language and culture and make people aware of the the Bhojpuri literature, arts, culture, music and crafts. He lamented degradation of Bhojpuri language and said it will be discussed during the Mahotsav.  He said that Bhojpuri folk songs and dramas written by legendry Bhikhari Thakur, said to be Shakespeare of Bhojpuri, will be presented during the Mahotsav. A Bhojpuri ‘Kavi Goshthi’ and painting exhibition by Bhojpuri artists will also held.

Pandey said that a seminar on ‘Importance of Bhojpuri Language’ is scheduled to be organized during the programme. Artists and litterateurs from Mauritius, Trininad, Tobago and Fiji and other countries have given their consent to participate in the Mahotsav. He said that Bhojpuri delicacies like litti-chokha, Laktho, Motichur, Pataura, Belgrami, Khurma, Pitha, Imriti, Pua, Dal-Puri and other mouth-watering dishes will be served during the Mahotsav.

Krishna Yadav alias Krishnendu, national president of the trust, said that they were trying to get the  Bhojpuri language included in the 8th schedule of the Indian Constitution. He said Bhojpuri is a rich language and even Hindi will be poorer without Bhojpuri. He said that Manisha Tiwari, Bhojpuri folk signer from Sasaram, has been made the brand ambassador for the Mahotsav.

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