Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara: Release of four lakh cusec water into river Sone from the Indrapuri dam at Dehri-on-Sone has resulted in flood like situation under Koelwar, Sahar and Sandesh blocks in Bhojpur district. The flood water is flowing on roads at some places. Besides, the swollen Ganga also added to the woes of people.

The Sone and the Ganga water has inundated several low lying areas under Barahara, Koelwar, Shahpur, Sahar, Sandesdh and Ara blocks and also in the fields damaging standing crops in hundreds of hectare of land. The people along with cattle are shifting to safer places or taking shelter on embankments.

The water of Ganga has entered Neknam Tola, Bakhorapur, Keshopur, Karaza, Paiga, Dubey Chhapara, Lauhar, Hazipur, Mahudai, Nathmalpur, Farhada, Shivpur, Ekauna, Barahara, Babura, Sirisiya, Babura Tola, Gundi, Keshavpur, Sinha, Khwaspur, Purana Sabalpur, Naya Sabalpur, Visanpura, Fuha, Semara, New Bindgawa, Old Bindgawa, Sirisiya, Englishpur, Dubey Chhapara, Chhaparapar, Jeeva Rai ke Tola and other villages under Barahara block. It has also entered Lachhutola, Bahoranpur, Damodarpur, Purushottampur, Nauranga, Sarangpur, Sumeranpur, Tikapur, Bansingha, Rajpur, Govindpur, Laxmanpur, Hirakhi Pipara, Nandpur, Gangapur, Bhusaula, Jawaniya, Marchiya Dera, Saiya Dera, Ram Karahi, Pachkaudi Dera, Ram Dayal Dera, Nand Lal Dera, Kariman Dera, Madhepur, Suhia, Sonki, Horil, under Shahpur block. On the other hand, Sone water has entered Lodipur, Hatimganj, Khaira, Sahar, Peur, Baruhi under Sahar block.

People are forced to remain in their house as the flood water has also overtoped Ara-Sahar, Ara-Barahara, Bharauli-Suhia, Chamarpur-Bahoranpur, Gaira Bandh-Lachhu Tola, Ishwar Tola-Lalu ke Dera, Lauhar-Bakhorapur, Sirisiya-Englishpur roads. The flood water also is flowing over roads in Ward No 11 of Ara near Gangi river and snapped communication with the main market. Flood water is flowing about three feet on the road in Shahpur diara areas and over  50 schools were completely submerged in the flood water under Shahpur block.

In view of flood threat, Bhojpur district administration has sounded alert in Koelwar, Barahara, Sahar, Sandesh, Shahpur and Ara blocks. DM Birendra Prasad Yadav surveyed flood situation at Bahoranpur, Lachhu Tola, Damodarpur, Purushottampur villages under Shahpur block on Saturday and issued directives to officials to keep a close watch on the situation round the clock and urged the people to shift to safer places. He also directed to press boats into operation in the flood affected areas in Bhojpur district and also make estimate of loss of standing crops due to flood. He also directed for vaccination of cattle. The DM said that the government boats will be fitted with red flags so that people could know that help is coming free of cost. The DM has also cancelled leaves of all the officials and warned them not to leave the headquarters without prior permission.

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