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Bagaha: Effect of demonetization still persists even after lapse of one month as large number of people are seen at the branches of all the nationalised in Bagaha police district. The people from remote tribal areas fail to draw money from either through cheques or ATMs even after standing in a long queue at banks. The customers particularly  elderly men and women have to wait for two to three days to draw money.

Many customers, who returned from the Narainpur branch of SBI, included Shambhu Yadav , 70, of Pakergaon, Ramsita Devi, 60, of Harnatand,. Dharmnath Prasad of Medaraul(Semara), Zohara Khatoon and dozens of tribal women. They said that they waited for their turn with tokens sitting on the chairs till around 4 pm on December 7, 2016.

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