Vivek Hari

Patna : With the arrest of notorious gangster Prabhas Yadav on August 5, 2018, Bihar police have succeeded in arresting 3 of the 4 gangsters in Naugachia police district. The STF had earlier arrested Commando Yadav from Naugachia in April 2018 and Commando Rajesh from Punjab few months back.

The fourth gangster Moti Yadav, who also carries a cash reward of Rs 50,000 on his head, is now STF radar in Naugachia zone. The gang war among the 4 gangsters had led to a series of murders and kidnappings creating havoc in the area, said SP, STF, Ranjeet Kumar Mishra. SP Mishra said that the STF has expertise in catching high profile criminals and gets active after government announces reward on the head of any notorious criminal.


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