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New Delhi : In his ‘Man Ki Baath’ programme on All India Radio on October 29, 2017, PM Narendra Modi expressed his concern over many children suffering from Diabetes. The PM said one of the main reasons for children being afflicted with such diseases at a young age is the lack of physical activity in our lifestyle and the changes in our eating habits.

“Your concern is correct that the diseases which surfaced in old age or emerged around the last lap of life  have started to appear in children nowadays. It is indeed surprising today, when we hear that children are suffering from diabetes. In earlier times, such diseases were known as ‘Raj-Rog’ which means diseases that used to afflict only the rich or those who lived a life of luxury. Such diseases were very rare in young people. But our lifestyle has changed. Today these diseases are known as ‘lifestyle disorders’.  One of the main reasons for being afflicted with such diseases at a young age is the lack of physical activity in our lifestyle and the changes in our eating habits,” the PM said.

PM Modi said society and the family need to pay attention to this crisis. ” If you’ll start paying attention to it, you will see that there is no need to do anything extraordinary. You just need to make small regular changes in order to transform your habits making them a part of your way of life. I would like the family to consciously try to inculcate in children the habit of playing in open grounds. If possible, we can make the elder family members accompany these children to the playground and play with them, ” he said, according to a PIB release.

The PM said the children can be made to take the stairs instead of taking the lift. After dinner, the entire family can go for a walk with the children. Yoga for Young India. Yoga will be helpful especially for our young friends in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and protecting them from lifestyle disorders. The practice of Yoga 30 minutes before school can lead to much benefit. It can also be practised at home and the specialty of Yoga is that it is easy, simple and accessible to all. ” I am saying this because a person of any age can easily practise it. It is simple because it can be easily learned and it is accessible since it can be done anywhere,” the PM said.

No special tools or fields are needed. There are several studies being conducted on how Yoga is effective in curbing diabetes, the PM said. ” These studies are being carried out in AIIMS too and the results that have emerged so far are very encouraging. Do not look at Ayurveda and Yoga as a means of medical treatment only instead of this we should make them a part of our life, the PM said, according to the PIB release.

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