Ara: In view of the skyrocketing prices of  medicines, the central government has decided to develop all the Vasudha Kendras as the counters for the sale of generic medicines. It has taken step to open ‘Jan aushadhi kendra’ at every panchayat in the country and all the Vasudha Kendras will me made medicine counters from where the villagers may get medicines at about 60% cheap rate.

The owners of  Vasukha Kendras have to apply online for registration to sell drugs and submit VAT Nos, CST, TIN after online registration. They will be given license for selling drugs. Generic and ethical medicines have no difference except price, marketing and branding. Both are made by the same process and chemicals. The branding and marketing raise the prices of the medicines and the doctors prefer to refer ethical medicines allegedly for commission while they do not get any commission for generic medicines.

Altogether 228 Vasudha Kendras were opened in Bhojpur district in 2010 but only 100 such centres are in operation and 110 centres were closed for one reason or another while at 18 centres other business are flourishing. With the central government deciding to convert these Vasudha Kendras into medicine counters, all the closed Vasudha Kendras in Bhojpur district will be rejuvenated and people will get job and the villagers will get medicines at cheap rate.

B K Agrawal, district president, CSC Association, said that at least 500 medicines will be available at about 50% to 60%  cheap rate and the poor will benefit the most. He said that process for the online application for the registration has started and the medicines will be supplied to the Vasudha Kendra from Ara. He added that after completion of process for drug license and supply of medicines, sell will start.

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