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New Delhi : The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 2, 2020, approved launching of a National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (NPCSCB).

It will have the following institutional framework:

(i)     Prime Minister’s Public Human Resources (HR) Council,

(ii)    Capacity Building Commission.

(iii)    Special Purpose Vehicle for owning and operating the digital assets
and the technological platform for online training,

(iv)   Coordination Unit headed by the Cabinet Secretary.

Salient Features : NPCSCB has been carefully designed to lay the foundations for capacity building for Civil Servants so that they remain entrenched in Indian Culture and sensibilities and remain connected with their roots while they learn from the best institutions and practices across the world. The programme will be delivered by setting up an Integrated Government Online Training-iGOTKarmayogiPlatform.

The core guiding principles of the Programme will be:

  1. Supporting Transition from ‘Rules based’ to ‘Roles based HR Management. Aligning work allocation of civil servants by matching their competencies to the requirements of the post.
  2. To emphasise on ‘on-site learning’ to complement the ‘off-site’ learning,
  3. To create an ecosystem of shared training infrastructure including that of learning materials, institutions and personnel,
  4. To calibrate all Civil Service positions to a Framework of Roles, Activities and Competencies (FRACs) approach and to create and deliver learning content relevant to the identified FRACs in every Government entity,
  5. To make available to all civil servants, an opportunity to continuously build and strengthen their Behavioral, Functional and Domain Competencies in their self-driven and mandated learning paths.
  6. To enable all the Central Ministries and Departments and their Organisations  to directly invest their resources towards co-creation  and sharing the collaborative and common ecosystem of learning through an annual financial subscription for every employee,
  7. To encourage and partner with the best-in-class learning content creators including public training institutions, universities, start-tips and individual experts,
  8.  To undertake data analytics in respect of data emit provided by iGOT- Karmayogi  pertaining  to  various  aspects  of capacity  building,  content creation, user feedback and mapping of competencies and identify areas for policy reforms.It is also proposed to set up a Capacity Building Commission, with a view to ensure a uniform approach in managing and regulating the capacity building ecosystem on collaborative and co-sharing basis, according to a PIB release.