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Ara : The residents of Ara are likely to get some respite from transformer problems caused due to overloading soon as the South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited (SBPDCL) has decided to change all such  transformers. The work on the project will start from July 27, 2017. A survey of all the localities will be conducted within a week and after survey, the transformers having excess load will be replaced with higher capacity.

Executive Engineer, SBPDCL. Sanjay Kumar Bario, said that almost all the localities in Ara town have 200 KVA transformers but due to increasing population load on the transformers have multiplied causing frequent power cut, low voltage and snag in transformers. He said all the  transformers having excess load will be replaced with 315 kva transformers after which the power consumers would not face low voltage problem, frequent power cut and change of phase illegally.

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