B N Singh Pappan

Saharsa : Miscreants assaulted six passengers in a bogie of train going to Samastipur from Saharsa late March 5, 2017, evening and allegedly also looted their valuables near Badlaghat on Saharsa – Mansi rail section. They got down from the train at Badlaghat railway station in Khagaria district. They, however, escaped from there only after pelting the bogie with stones injuring a few passengers. The miscreants picked up quarrel with some passengers by asking them to vacate their seats which led to heated exchange between the two sides and soon turned into a brawl.

SHO , Government Railway police station, Mansi, Arvind Kumar, said that seven passengers from Madhepura had a dispute with two other passengers of the bogie over seats. These two passengers got down from train at Badlaghat station and pelted the bogie with stones injuring a woman. He said police were probing into the incident.

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