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Ara: Three dozen school students and three lady teachers were injured when a bus of a private school overturned into a ditch near Kulharia railway station under Koelwar police station on Saturday . The injured were admitted to the  Primary Health Centre (PHC) with the help of the locals. The doctor released most of them after first aid while three of them were referred to  Ara Sadar Hospital.

A bus of a private school, ‘New DPS,’ at Koelwar under the same police station, was carrying school students after their classes were over. On the way, three lady teachers of Girls Middle School, Kulharia took lift in the bus. When the bus reached near Kulharia railway station, the driver of the bus lost control on the steering and the bus overturned into a ditch. The locals rushed the injured children to the PHC and also informed their guardians taking their mobile numbers from the identity cards of the students. Resentment prevails among the residents of the area against indifferent attitude of the district administration as no one bothered to come to the spot.

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