Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Buxar : Future of over 500 students studying at Kendriya Vidyalay (KV), Buxar, seems uncertain as the Central Schools Organization is contemplating to suspend teaching at the school.

Principal, KV, Anil Kumar said that the KV is running in a rented building and rented land. Admission to the school is closed sometime in the name of land or an examination. He said that the school does not have safety certificate despite several reminders but the authorities concerned are  not taking it seriously.

Principal Kumar said that the Building Construction Department issues safety certificate to the school buildings every year to ensure safety of students but in the absence of safety certificate, it would be very much difficult to continue teaching in the school and under these  circumstances, the Central School Organization may suspend teaching at the school anytime. He expressed concern over the future of over 500 students studying at the school if the school is suspended. He wondered where the students would go as they can’t not be admitted to other schools mid-session.

The guardians said that such situation did not arise when the school was running under a tin shed. It it had got safety certificate at that time which continued till date. They said when the condition of the school building is almost good, why so much hue and cry was being made in the name of safety certificate.


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