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Sasaram: Standing crops drowned and transplanation work affected in over 15 villages as swirling water of river Kav  entered the fields after breaching the embankment about 15 metre away from Itadhia fall in Rohtas district on Saturday. The flood water is flowing over Bari road linking the Bikramganj-Sasaaram main road and snapped the communication.

Due to breach in the embankment, fields of Itadhia, Karup, Chiraidiha, Gopalpur, Nawada, Kulaharia, Kahuara, Majharia, Amratha, Khairadih, have dried as water can’t be stopped in fields of these villages till the Itadhia fall is closed. On the oher hand, dozens of villages under  and Rajpur, Sanjhauli, Bikramganj, Karakat, Dawath, Suryapura blocks have been inundated. Kav river originates from Kaimur hill and flows through the Bikramganj plan and flood in the river adversely affects thousands of people of the area. Sanjhauli BDO Ajay Kumar Mishra and CO Anuj Kumar visited the place where the embankment was breached and said that the breach would be repaired within two days.

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