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Bagaha : SDPO, Bagaha, Sanjiv Kumar, on a tip off that a big consignment of liquor was being brought over from Uttar Pradesh (UP) by a countryboat, rushed to the bank of river Gandak near Kailash Nagar locality with his team, asked the boatman to stop. But seeing police, five liquor smugglers managed to escape leaving the boat with the 860 bottles of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) behind on August 7, 2018, late night.

Another unidentified smuggler carrying 90 bottles of IMFL on motorcycle also escaped seeing police leaving the liquor bottles kept in a bag behind on Bagaha-Semra Road.

The SDPO said that on August 7, 2018, a team of Pathakauli police outpost (OP) arrested the kingpin of liquor smugglers Vinay Jaiswal of Kailasnagar, who was wanted in many cases. But, when the police team was returning with Jaiswal to the police station, the supporters of the smuggler attacked it and freed him after injuring seven cops including a lady constable Simmy Kumari. A case has been lodged against 6 named and 25 unknown persons in this connection.

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