Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Sasaram: Rohtas DM Animesh Kumar Parashar cancelled registration of two Homeguards personnel Arun Kumar and Sangram Singh on Saturday and also directed Rohtas police to send them to jail. The DM took action after both the Homeguard personnel were found taking money from people for making driving licenses from back door at the office of the District Transport Office (DTO). Both the Homeguards personnel were released PR bond.

The DM served show cause on the MVI and the SHO, Model police station. The DM asked them how they released the Homeguard personnel on PR bond instead of sending them to jail. The DM also called the DTO asking him how brokers were active in his office. The DM said that stern action would be taken against the MVI and the SHO if their reply was not satisfactory.

Rohtas DM Parashar said that two Homeguards personnel and a broker Manoj Kumar were arrested on Wednesday last for taking money from some people for making driving licenses from back door at the DTO office and the MVI handed over all the three to the model police station for lodging of  an FIR against them but the SHO, Model police station, released them on PR bond. He said ‘Operation Dalal’ has been launched to free the DTO office, Registry Office, Treasury Office, Civil Surgeon Office, block offices and other government offices of brokers.

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