Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Sasaram: District Supply Officer (DSO), Rohtas, Avinash Kumar, 45, committed suicide on Saturday at his residence under Model police station at Sasaram. Police recovered the body from his government residence and brought it to  Sasaram Sadar Hospital for post-mortem. He was a resident of Nala Road locality, Patna. Police arrested driver of the DSO Sudhir Rai in this connection.

SHO Model police station said that DSO Avinash Kumar’s wife allegedly had an affair with his driver Sudhir Rai and the DSO had caught them red handed several times. The DSO admonished her but she continued her relation with the driver that caused tension to him. On Friday, the DSO dropped his wife and children at his residence at Patna. He had a heated exchange with his wife on mobile on Saturday morning. After that Avinash Kumar was upset and committed suicide by cutting vein of his wrist  late Saturday evening.

On Sunday morning, the maid servant came and called but after no one response from behind the door, she returned. The neighbour also did not care as Sunday was holiday. In evening the same day, when the maid servant found the door of the room closed, she informed his neighbour. Police personnel, who lived beside his residence, tried to get the door of the room opened but no one responded. With the order of the District Magistrate, Rohtas, they broke open the door of the room and found body of the DSO lying in a pool of blood on the floor. Police sealed his room and called in the expert for further investigation.

The SHO said that police went through the detailed call repords of the DSO, his wife and the driver which revealed the whole story. The driver had called his wife on mobile on Saturday and talked to her when she was at Patna.

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