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Madhubani: The VC of LN Mithila University (LNMU) Dr Saket Kushwaha, must be credited for holding of UGC sponsored seminars in colleges and university departments in his bid to develop the dwindling academic ambience in the university. How far the objective is being achieved is, however, a matter of debate.
It is in this light that many retired teachers of the university feel that the VC should also organise a seminar on ‘Ways to Improve  University’s Functioning’. And this is not without reason. The retired teachers of the university are a harassed lot who have to loiter endlessly in corridors of university headquarters and cajole the babus to get their retirement benefits like pension, gratuity and earned leave(EL) settlement.
A retired teacher of this university is considered lucky if his pension is fixed within 3-4 months of his retirement. And then begins the unending wait for payment of gratuity and EL amounts. Completely  worn out due to long wait, many are left with no option than to move the high court. There have been cases where the battle takes even the toll of lives where the dependents of retired teachers have to move heaven and earth for their rightful due.
The university has not paid the amount of Gratuity to retired and retiring teachers since January, 2015. They are simply informed that the amount would be paid as and when funds are received from the state government. A retired teacher is entitled to Rs 10 lakh as gratuity – an amount on which many of his post-retirement needs depend. Calculation of EL by the university entails even a longer wait. Submit your papers and go to sleep seems to be mantra adopted by retiring teachers. One never knows how long will it take even to finalise the calculation by the university, forget about the payment.

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