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Bhabhua: A large number of people in three dozen panchayats in Kaimur district have to drink contaminated water and are suffering from several water borne diseases due to indifferent attitude of the health department and officials of  Public Health Engineering Department (PHED). The water contains maximum quantity of iron and fluoride that causes different types of stomach and bone problems. The affected panchayats include  Aghora, Bhagwanpur, Durgawati, Chainpur, Bhabhua, Chand, Rampur and Kudra

Superintendent, District Water Test Laboratory, Ramesh Kumar, said that from hill area to the plain, water contains about 1.5ml iron and fluoride. Water purifiers have been installed at a number of places and awareness programmes are held from time to time to make people aware of water pollution. They are also warned against polluted water and advised to drink pure water for better health but that is not enough, he said. Kumar said that anyone can get fluoride level of water of a handpump tested at the laboratory and added Fluoride adversely affects teeth and weakens bones  while excess amount of iron in body causes different ailments of stomach and also affects kidney.

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