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New Delhi : Railways endeavours to provide free potable water at all railway stations. As per extant policy guidelines, water coolers are provided at those Railway Stations which deal with 1,000 passengers or more (inward and outward) daily. It has provided water coolers 3,513 water coolers at 1,418 railway stations.

The Central Railways has been provided 529 water coolers at 152 railway stations under the zone  while Northen Railways has been provided 479 water coolers at 140 railway stations. Western Railways has been provided  523 water coolers at 219 railway stations while West Central Railways has been given 187 watercoolers at 62 railways stations.

The East Central Railways (ECR) has been provided 183 water collers at 78 railway stations. according to a PIB release. The North Western Railways has been provided 413 water coolers at 177 railway stations while North Central has been provided 238 water coolers at 68 railway stations. The Southern Railways has been provided 220 water coolers at 112 railway stations.

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