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Muzaffarpur : Union Agriculture minister Radha Mohan Singh on May 29, 2017, inaugurated a Litchi Treatment Plant at National Litchi Research Centre, Mushahari, in Muzaffarpur district. Mushahari is located 40.4 km away from Muzaffarpur town. Singh said that under the new technique Litchi can be preserved for 60 days and exported to different countries including USA.

The Litchi Treatment Plant has been set up under the supervision of experts from BARC. Noted scientist Shekhar Basu was also present on the occasion. But, Krishi Ratna Award winner Bholanath Jha said that climate change was affecting the Litchi crop making its size smaller and even black. The Litchi dealers from Mumbai were not purchasing the Muzaffarpur Litchi though the Shahi and China Litchi of the district were famous in the world, he said. Jha said that Litchi of Bengal was selling in the market not Muzaffarpur Litchi.

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