Dr K K Kaushik

Muzaffarpur : Muzaffarpur police remain clueless about the identity of the eight bike borne criminals who looted Rs 5.69 lakh cash from the manager of Satnam petrol pump allegedly belonging to a former MP from Darbhanga division at Gaighat on Muzaffarpur -Darbhanga  national highways at 3.0 pm on Monday.

Manager of Satnam Petrol Pump, Gaighat, Vinayak Prasad was going to deposit the cash at SBI, Kanta branch, on a bike when eight criminals riding four bikes and their face covered stopped him at Fakiradih bridge. One of the criminals attacked Vinayak with a knife injuring his arm. Vinayak fell on the ground writhing in pain. Criminals tried to thrown him down from the bridge but seeing two vehicles they cancelled their plan but took away his bike. The cash was kept in the dicky of Vinayak’s bike. DSP Motafik Ahmad reached the spot and inquired into the incident. He also spoke to Vinayak who was treated at local primary health centre (PHC)ike . Criminals left Vinayak’s bike at  Baluaha Mor at Jarang village.

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