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New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 7, 2018, inaugurated the Global Mobility Summit in New Delhi. Addressing the summit, Prime Minister said that India is on the move, in terms of its economy, infrastructure, youth and many other areas. He said that mobility is a key driver of the economy; it can boost economic growth and create employment opportunities.

Prime Minister also outlined the vision for the future of mobility in India based on 7 Cs. The 7 Cs are :  Common, Connected, Convenient, Congestion-free, Charged, Clean and Cutting-edge.

The PM said, “The name of this Summit captures the spirit of India today. Indeed, India is on the Move. Our economy is on the Move. We are the world’s fastest growing major economy. Our cities and towns are on the Move. We are building one hundred smart cities. Our infrastructure is on the Move. We are building roads, airports, rail lines and ports at a quick pace. Our goods are on the Move. The Goods and Services Tax has helped us rationalize supply chains and warehouse networks. Our reforms are on the Move. We have made India an easier place to do business. Our lives are on the Move. Families are getting homes, toilets, smoke-free LPG cylinders, bank accounts and loans. Our youth are on the Move. We are fast emerging as the start-up hub of the world. India is moving ahead with new energy, urgency and purpose.”

Mobility is the next frontier in our fight against Climate Change, the PM said. Better mobility can provide for better jobs, smarter infrastructure, and improve the quality of life. It can also reduce costs, expand economic activity and protect the planet. Thus, the mobility sector impacts larger public outcomes, he said. Already, people are calling taxis on their phones, sharing bicycles in cities, buses are running on clean energy, cars are going electric, he added.

The PM said that India’s renewable energy push will ensure that the environmental benefits of electric mobility can be fully realized. “We plan to draw 175 GigaWatts of energy from renewables by 2022. We are already the fifth largest producer of solar energy in the world. We are also the sixth largest producer of renewable energy. We have also championed the cause of solar energy globally through the International Solar Alliance. We have a fast growing manufacturing base, especially in the automotive sector,” the PM said.

” In India, we have been laying emphasis on mobility. We have doubled our pace of construction of highways. We have re-energized our rural road-building programme. We are promoting fuel efficient and cleaner fuel vehicles. We have developed low-cost air connectivity in under-served regions. We are also starting operations on hundreds of new air routes.We are pushing waterways in addition to traditional modes like rail and road. We are reducing travel distances in our cities by efficient location of homes, schools and offices. Therefore, I am convinced that India is best placed globally, to be an early mover in the ‘Mobility Economy’,” PM Modi said, according to a PIB release.

He said the India Space Research Organization uses one of the best battery systems to run satellites in space. Other institutions can partner with ISRO to develop cost effective and efficient battery systems for electric cars. We want to build India as a driver in Electric Vehicles.




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